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Nancy Abell tried to get Katharina Groene to turn back. But with 150 miles to go on her solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, Groene wanted to see her adventure through. Abell met Groene last month in Washington, after Groene had walked 2,500 miles northward from the Mexican border. It was late in the season, and Abell was concerned because Groene didn’t have snowshoes.    She couldn’t stop thinking about the German hiker all alone in the mountains. A few days later when forecasters said to expect two feet of snow in the mountains, Abell called the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, explaining that Groene might be in trouble.   On the mountain, Groene was dehydrated and disoriented and thought she might have frostbite. She kept falling down and having to will herself to get back up, a sign of hypothermia. Surrounded by evergreens that were sinking under the weight of the snow, she screamed for help. No one heard her. She got out her phone and began recording messages for the friends and family she hadn’t seen for months, apologizing for dying on the trail.  Officers launched a search, and soon found her. Rescuers said it’s likely she would have died within a day.   When we were hopelessly lost and in great need, God sent his son to be our savior (Matthew 1:21).   Helplessness; Lostness; Loving others – Christians should also feel the same concern for the lost, whom they meet every day, and do all they can to help rescue those who are perishing.  Jesus said in Luke 19:10 (HCSB): “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost.”

Learn more by listening: http://collincreekfwbc.podbean.com/. And join us next Sunday, December 16 for special guest Dr. Tim Eaton President of Randall University in Moore, Oklahoma.

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Glorifying Christ through lives of Credibility and love for the Community.

Spend time with the Lord: at least 20 minutes a day praying for 18 individuals.

Monday, December 10: Today’s reading: Psalm 50

Tuesday, December 11: Today’s reading: Isaiah 45

Wednesday, December 12: Today’s Reading: Galatians 5

Bible Buckaroos (Ages 3—4th graders) @ 6:45 pm

Challenger’s Class (5th—6th): @ 6:45 pm

Crossdirection (7th-12th): Confident Faith @ 6:45 pm

Men’s Prayer & Study Group: Studying the Minor Prophets @ 6:45 pm

Women’s Prayer & Study Group: Building Your Strengths @ 6:45 pm

English Second Language Class @ 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday, December 13: Today’s reading: Proverbs 19 

Friday, December 14: Today’s reading: 1 Kings 12

Saturday, December 15: Today’s reading: Zephaniah 1

Sunday, December 16: Today’s reading: Jonah 3

Sunday School @ 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Nursery Caregivers:

@ 9:15 am – Emily Boettcher & Wendy Mitchell

@ 10:30 am – Ivonne Carrillo, Amy Craig & Argelia Aguilar

Community Worship @ 10:45 am – Dr. Tim Eaton with Randall University

Community Groups gathering at various days, times and places. (see http://www.collincreekchurch.org/community-groups/)


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Events are subject to change.  See the church’s website for details:

collincreekchurch.org  – Glorifying Christ through lives of Credibility and love for the Community.


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