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Recently I heard how the prayers of a church vanquished Satan’s grip on a neighborhood: “In 2010 a group of eight people from two churches felt called to the Detroit Boulevard neighborhood of Sacramento. It was known as one of the most notorious crime-ridden neighborhoods in all of Sacramento. Each house in that neighborhood was a place of danger. Nonetheless this group of eight decided to walk through the neighborhood praying over each home and praying for the presence of Christ to reign over violence, addiction, and satanic oppression. They began walking through the neighborhood, praying over each home and the release of the demonic strongholds of addiction and violence.

One of the eight, former Sacramento police officer and gang detective Michael Xiong, reported that “each time we prayed over the houses, we felt the weight of oppression becoming lighter.” The group soon physically moved into the neighborhood and started Detroit Life Church.  A couple years later a local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, reported that there were no homicides, robberies, or sex crimes, and only one assault in Detroit Boulevard between 2013 and 2014. Detroit Boulevard had been transformed by a small group of people who began their ministry in the neighborhood by praying, demonstrating God’s grace and sharing the good news of Jesus in the neighborhood and the power of Satan was vanquished.

Are there areas of your life and/or the community around the church where this kind of spiritual activity needs to be seen more? Learn more about helping others by listening: http://collincreekfwbc.podbean.com/.  Study Guide:Exodus 14c10 (Rea Sea Rule #4) (Study Guide), part 2.   And join us next Sunday, October 21 for: The X Red Sea Rules.

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Monday, October 15: Today’s reading: Psalm 42

Tuesday, October 16: Today’s reading: 1 John 2

Wednesday, October 17: Today’s Reading: 2 Corinthians 10

Bible Buckaroos (Ages 3—4th graders) @ 6:45 pm

Challenger’s Class (5th—6th): @ 6:45 pm

Crossdirection (7th-12th): Does God Exist? @ 6:45 pm

Men’s Prayer & Study Group: Forgotten God – Who is the Holy Spirit? @ 6:45 pm

Women’s Prayer & Study Group: Building Your Strengths @ 6:45 pm

English Second Language Class @ 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday, October 18: Today’s reading: Proverbs 11

Friday, October 19: Today’s reading: Romans 3

Texas’ Men’s Retreat – October 19-20

Saturday, October 20: Today’s reading: Exodus 36

Texas’ Men’s Retreat – October 19-20

Sunday, October 21: Today’s reading: Amos 5

Sunday School @ 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Nursery Caregivers:

@ 9:15 am – Emily Boettcher & Wendy Mitchell

@ 10:30 am – Ivonne Carrillo, Amy Craig & Argelia Aguilar

Community Worship @ 10:45 am – The X Red Sea Rules

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