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Our Plans to Reopen

Collin Creek Church plans to resume on-site services beginning Sunday, May 31.

All plans have been made prayerfully, carefully, and in conjunction with current local, state, and federal guidelines.

At this time, we will ONLY be meeting for a single worship service scheduled to begin at 10:45 a.m.

We will NOT be resuming other in-person gatherings or on-site operations, including:

  • Sunday School Classes for Any Age

  • Nursery Services

  • Wednesday Night Studies

  • ESL Classes

  • Home Groups

  • FIT Classes

  • Fellowship Dinners

For the time-being, Bible studies and other virtual gatherings will continue using the Zoom app. Currently, two adult Sunday School sessions are offered online each weekend, and occasional virtual meetups occur throughout the week.

Details and Zoom invite links can be found by joining our Collin Creek Member Group on Facebook.

Even if you are unable to physically attend our church, sermons are always archived and accessible online via Podbean and YouTube.

Click here to find them on our Media page.